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Our comprehensive quiz builder is easy to cross-reference with popular texts.

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Our courses are designed by professional educators and practicing accountants, so our study materials are perfect both for classroom learning and preparing students for certification.

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Gleim is used by more top accounting programs than any other provider.

Improve your students’ coursework grades and certification exam pass rate with our free classroom tools, used at the most prestigious accounting programs in the nation, including:

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Indiana University, Bloomington
University of Georgia

University of Notre Dame
University of Mississippi

New York University

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University of Alabama

Gleim Exam Questions & Explanations (EQE)

An undergraduate series that is cross-referenced with your textbooks and designed to supplement accounting courses, delivering students higher comprehension skills and increased test scores on college and professional exams.

Complimentary Academic Site License

A free program that gives students and faculty access to our Assessment Quiz tool, provides significant discounts to students, scholarship opportunities, and more. CPA, CMA, CIA, and EA are available.

Certification Review Courses

Gleim study materials are created by expert accountants and professional educators and are designed to teach concepts in a way that best supports learning and retention. See how they work.

Gleim Assessment Quiz Tool

Professors at universities everywhere are using our Assessment Quiz tool to easily create and grade quizzes and assignments as well as to prepare students for their certification exams.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

VITA offers a variety of outstanding opportunities for accounting students, including hands-on training, networking opportunities, and resume worthy experience. It can also help prepare them for certification exams.

  • Gleim’s Professor-Led classes are the best. Most other CPA review courses make it very difficult for a professor to create exams and manage courses.

    Craig Latshaw
    St. John’s University
  • I’ve used Gleim materials in the classroom for several years. My students love the challenge they provide. Gleim makes a superior product and they work hard to keep it up to date, which truly helps each student prepare effectively for the license exam of their choice.

    Betty Smith, CIA, MBA
    California College San Diego
  • I use Gleim Financial Accounting EQE and strongly urge my students to buy it as well. I especially like the explanations that indicate why a particular answer is not correct. So many study guides only identify why the correct answer was the right choice.

    John T. Dallmus, CPA, MBA
    Arizona State University
  • We have enjoyed working with them [Gleim]. Besides the content, the adaptive course, and the custom quizzes, the customer service aspect of our Gleim rep was the tipping point for our decision. I don’t have enough words to describe how responsive and efficient they are. Emails are answered promptly, products are delivered when requested, and any questions are thoroughly answered by our rep. It is such a refreshing aspect to work with a person and not just be put into an online chat or queue.

    Jennifer Johnson, CPA
    The University of Texas at Dallas
  • We wanted to update our courses and increase the usage of Gleim CPA Review to better prepare students for the CPA exam. One of Gleim’s Professor Relations Coordinators was helpful in coaching me on the most effective ways to use Gleim in our program. They were easy to work with and willing to tailor Gleim CPA Review to meet our needs. I would recommend Gleim over any other CPA review product for students and collegiate institutions.

    Dr. Kelly K. Damron, CPA, MBA
    Grand Canyon University

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    Looking for discounts on a great review course or free accounting videos to offer your students? Want to know more about accounting careers or how to navigate the path to certification? Everything accounting students need to know can be found on our Student Resources page or at the quick links below:

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    Free Exam Guides – Your students’ system for success for the most popular professional accounting certifications, available for:
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    Accounting certification can give students career advantages for life, increasing their earning potential, career options, and skills. If you’re an educator outside the United States interested in enhancing your classroom and helping your students succeed, you’ve come to the right place!

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    Gleim firmly believes in ensuring students have the support and guidance of their academic and industry peers and mentors. As such, the Gleim team enthusiastically supports student organizations and events and offers scholarships, free informational guides, and other opportunities whenever and wherever we are able.

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